Live Imaging Workshop

Workshop: Advances in Live Imaging Morphogenesis
(24.07.2014 evening, details t.b.a.)

Morphogenesis is a dynamic process that involves not only subcellular processes but also structural rearrangements of multi-cellular tissues to shape an organism. If we are to understand such complex developmental processes real time observation is indispensable.

The progress in developing non-invasive live imaging tools based on light sheet microscopy or Selected Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) allows the capture of morphogenetic processes of entire organisms or organ systems with cellular resolution over the time period of several days.

To exploit these image data new algorithms are being developed, allowing for computational identification of relevant objects like cell membranes or nuclei and for quantitative analysis of cell shape changes and cell division behaviour. This computational registration and quantification of the behaviour of large cell populations during morphogenesis can reveal patterns of organization, which are difficult or impossible to capture otherwise.

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Due to the increasing success of establishing genetic tools in non-model organisms for cell and cell lineage-specific labelling (from markers for membranes or nuclei to transgenic multicolour labelling strategies like ‘brainbow’), multi-view acquisition of developmental processes is no longer restricted to established model systems and are increasingly applied to study development in new species.

In this workshop we will give an overview of the state of the art of Light Sheet Microscopy/SPIM and will discuss specifically how these techniques can be applied to the study of development of non-model organisms, opening this method for comparative work in a phylogenetic context.

With contributions from:

  • Jan Huisken - MPI, Dresden, Germany
  • Mette Handberg-Thorsager - MPI, Dresden, Germany
  • Pradeep Das – ENS Lyon, France
  • Anastasios Pavlopoulos - Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA
  • Jacques Paysan - Carl Zeiss AG Germany
  • Pavel Tomancak - MPI, Dresden, Germany

 Organized by Carsten Wolff and Frederike Alwes

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